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About Chrysta Bairre

Live Love Work is a creative space to share my experience and advice through my practice of fully loving myself and my work-life.

With over 15 years of accounting/finance and office management experience in small and large business, I am pursuing a new direction in my life and career. Moving towards a human focus, I am seeking a transition into human resources as a facilitator/trainer, as well as pursuing a career as a professional coach, career management and work-life balance advisor, and motivational speaker.

No good work is accomplished alone, and I hope to energize, engage and inspire myself and others by writing within this space.

Sometimes it feels as though I’ve lived many lives, and from each of these lives I’ve learned how to be happier and work happier. I’ve been an Army Brat, lived in poverty, lived with family alcoholism, and been divorced. Through it all I’ve tried to be my best, learned from my mistakes, and tried something new in my discovery towards living a peaceful and balanced life.

In my career I’ve been a jack of all trades, a go-to girl and I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills, business concepts and gain experience. In my work I have learned to do the right thing and master whatever challenge is put in front of me without giving up too much of my life.

Penelope Trunk suggests that “writing regularly is a path to self-discovery”. Self-discovery has been my path for most of my life. Every day this self-discovery leads me to practice living my best full and happy life. Happiness is, indeed, a practice and not a result of achievement and I find achievement is actually a result of happiness, instead of the other way around.

I am open to professional opportunities to write, speak, advise and work with professionals one-on-one. Visit my LinkedIn profile and please write to me at chrysta.bairre(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you for visiting Live Love Work!

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