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Let your intentions shape your life!

November 3, 2010

Your thoughts can have as much influence in your life as your actions. Oftentimes in life you may find yourself reacting instead of acting, and letting your emotions direct your behavior. When you are reacting emotionally, your path is passive, waiting for the people around you and your situation to set the tone for your life.

Forming goals, mindful thinking and manifesting your intentions are examples of active living, allowing personal responsibility and achievement to set the tone for your life. defines “intention” as “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result”. There are many ways you can manifest your intentions in your work-life.

First you must know what your intentions are. For example, perhaps you wake up in the morning and decide, “I am going to be productive today”, or “today I will make healthy food choices.” Allow your intention to shape your attitude and direction for your day’s activity.

Your intentions will have more influence on your day if when you express them. There are many ways to express your intentions, such as:

Say your intentions out loud to yourself. It is especially helpful to say them out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Write your intentions down. Your intentions will be more effective if you keep them where you can be reminded of them, such as taped to your bathroom mirror or hanging on your refrigerator.

Share your intentions with others. Tell your boss or co-workers what projects and goals you are working on and get their support. You can also blog, tweet, or post your intentions for the world to see.

Express your intentions creatively. Create a Vision Board using images, words and art, along with your hands, heart and mind to express your intentions visually, mentally and emotionally.

Once you start living an actively intentioned life, you will be amazed at the opportunities and personal achievements you have manifested.

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